Sunday, November 27, 2011

i was here

i wanna leave my footprints on the sand of time.
 know there are something that, something that i left behind.
when i leave this this world, i leave no regrets.
leave something to remember, so they wont forget.

i was here, 
 i lived, i loved
i was here
i did, I've done
everything that i wanted 
and it was more than i though it would be
i will leave my mark, so everyone will know,
i was here

me n abg raya 2011

syawal 2008

 melaka 2008
  early 90's
i don't know when

syawal 2011


me and chu!

 hehehe 2008 with Baax

satu ketika aku gemm..



i wanna say, i lived each day until i die.
and know that i meant something in,
somebody's life..

 the hearts i have touched, 
will be the prove that i leave,
that i made a difference, 
and this world will see.

i just want them to know,
that i gave my all,
did my best!
brought someone to happiness.
left this world a little better just becoz,
i was here :)

feels like today is the last day of my life...

i wanna say,
thank you so much,
in case i don't thank you enough :) 


eva said...

aie syg my shichi!! mok nangis ndah mek ngga entri.. jaek ati ngga ktk eyh.. hohohoh... mek suka abis entri tok!!!... jauh brubah ktk.. i love u my dolly fren shichi!

Abg Stalker said...

:)hdp dikelilingi keluarga,insan tersyg,dan juga kwn2 mmg best.

SweetyMui2 said...

aiee makin kacak ktk chi..makin cute xo!

Phat said...

singgah n follow awak ye


touching da jak..the best entry.all d best my dear lil sis.

shichisaeit said...

hehehe emoo